Thursday, November 27, 2008

Webkinz Love Puppy Retired Or Not?

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Cheap Webkinz Love PuppyIs the Webkinz Love Puppy Really Retired? Only if you believe in Santa Claus and waiting for Rudolf, the Red-Nose-Reindeer, to flash his nose. Whether this is a marketing ploy or not, it has was said that Ganz will no longer manufacture this popular virtual stuffed animal. That was a couple of years ago and today the price has risen to $100.00+ leaving many Webkinz admirers in dismay. However eBay (where bargains are made) continues to have a great supply of them which to make this somewhat a better buy--but no much.

Like it or not, the retired Webkinz Love Puppy antics will continue and the price isn't going to decrease much. With this puppy dog labeled as rare and seasonal as well, it only makes demand higher with kids and adults wanting it more. In reality, this beloved dog is not retired but by saying it is sellers make buyers feel an urgency to buy. If something cost much higher than it should and the urgency is there which dictates a very limited supply, history shows there are many people out there compelled to buy.

This may not make sense, but that is the way thing are in terms of marketing. It is the sellers advantage when aware of a certain product/service is in demand by a certain niche market (Webkinz enthusiasts). Granted this Love Puppy Webkinz is one of the cutest out of the bunch which makes it irresistible to the heart. But how much is someone willing to pay has something to do with how big is the desire. Kids don't see it that way. They just want what they want and the rest is left up to the parents.

The best thing to do is look for bargains, if this is a must-have plush animal toy. If you want to waste considerable time scouring the Net for an $8-$10 Webkinz Love Puppy, good luck because would be a waste of time. Those prices have come and gone during its first year introduction. So the best thing to do is go to ebay to bargain hunt. There won't be any cheap Webkinz Love Puppies in the $8-$10 area, instead this is the best way to getting a lower price.

The first thing you should do is sign up below. Just take a few minutes now and get this part out of the way. That way you can concentrate on eBay when that time comes, rather than lose your concentration when pursuing a Luv Puppy on eBay.

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