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Webkinz Love Puppy For Sale

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Webkinz PlushRetired 2007 Webkinz Valentine Love Puppy
This spotted heart shape Webkinz Love Puppy wears a tag with a secret code that is your secret password into Webkinz World, an online website created for kids! Just activate the code and name and adopt your pet. Learn all about it, design a virtual room for it, get KinzCash to buy food, furniture, etc. Puppy is 8.5" in height.

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This seasonal but rare Love Puppy Webkinz is said to be Retired. However, its still being sold on the market today. Since its release back in February 2007, it's the #1 seller and most sought after Webkinz animal toy even today. Will it still be around throughout 2008 and the following years? Who knows besides Ganz! Because it's classified as a rare toy, this could explain the behavior of people [with cash to spare] desiring something that is rare.

Don't expect the price to go back to its original--under $10.00. It's in high demand and people are willing to pay over $100.00.

Most local retail stores are concentrating on stocking up and pre-ordering the 2009 new Webkinz Stuffed Animals. If a supply of Sherbet Bunnies or Love Puppies ever do arrive, rest assure they will leave the shelves as soon as you can blink an eye.

TIP 1: Sign-up and get your free eBay accounts today, you will find cheaper Love Puppies on eBay. See further down for more details! If you don't want to spend time bidding on an auction, choose eBay's Buy It Now. You will see the term Buy It Now on some of the auction listings. This means you can buy the Webkinz for the price indicated, and have it shipped to you in a matter of days. We've chosen only the listings that are connected to Paypal (eBay partner), a very trusted and secured e-commerce company that protects the buyer.

TIP 2: When buying any Webkinz animal or Lil' Kinz make sure it comes with a new (unused) sealed tag & code, if you want it to interact with the Webkinz World website. Read the fine print and be sure to ask the seller questions. Sellers must keep the buyer happy or else you can give the seller a bad rating for all to see. This will hurt a seller's eBay credibility and no seller wants that to happen.

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What's the difference between a Webkinz and Lil' Kinz?

...The size and price! The Lil' Kinz is a smaller version of the Webkinz and cost less.

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There are 100s of Love Puppy Webkinz auctioned daily, including different combinations of stuffed animals packaged with this Webkinz. You can buy a Webkinz one of two ways: Either bid on an auction or choose to Buy It Now, if you don't want to wait.

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Canada is home to the Webkinz, where Ganz (manufacturer) is located. There are 100s of Webkinz auctions daily--just like eBay USA. What you don't find in the USA, perhaps you'll find it in Canada. You can find bargains and discounted Webkinz Love Puppies auctioned daily. You can also choose to Buy It Now.

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