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Webkinz Love Puppy Review

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Webkinz Love Puppy for SaleGet a Webkinz Love Puppy and your entire household will be filled with puppy luv... forever! This highly sought after plush toy is on every ones wish list of Webkinz pets. You and your child will simply adore this pooch the moment you both lay eyes on its lovable face, and little pink hearts that spreads all over it’s 8.5” frame. But don't say we didn't warn you! Because this little puppy dog's lovable presence will lure you right in, making you want to bring it home. Made from fine layers of cotton fabric stuffed with beans, which enhances its huggability, you will want to snuggle up with this cute cuddly pet.

Its a fact... this Webkinz is the most popular one of all the others. Since it’s release back in February 2007, it filled many hearts on Valentines Day. That's not a mistake, because it was designed for that purpose. It's the Valentine Love Puppy of 2007, which makes it seasonal and very rare in many stores today.

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Ganz, a Corporation based in Toronto, Canada, is the manufacturer who introduced the Love Puppy and a host of other Webkinz and Lil’ Kinz stuffed animal toys in 2005.
Right now, the United States and Canada are the two BIGGEST marketplaces where Webkinz are sold. There are now over one hundred Webkinz and Lil’ Kinz (smaller version) stuffed animals today, and each year more new designs are released. The new releases usually come around the 4th quarter of the year into the 1st quarter of the new year. Ganz also created a social and educational website called Webkinz World, where kids come to play and learn with their pet.

You can see all the Webkinz and Lil' Kinz collections at the Webkinz World website.

Today, Webkinz pets and Webkinz World have become the new toy and social media phenomenon of the decade. They are sooo popular that kids... well they simply go completely BANANAS over them, and here’s why…

In 2007, Webkinz became one of the top 5 most searched item which says a lot considering there are 10s of thousands of very well established multi-million dollar companies--not just toys.

Ganz has gone on record by saying they’ve sold more than 2 million of their Webkinz and Lil’ Kinz pets and accessories to retailers, including 1 million registered users on their Webkinz World website. What appears to be happening now in 2008, many retailers are beginning to take notice. They are trying to keep their shelves stocked with Webkinz toys, in order to capitalize on the Webkinz money-machine.

However, Ganz haven’t as of yet resolved their issues concerning many retail stores. Retailers are unable to keep their shelves stocked with new Webkinz, because shipments are not coming in fast enough to meet the HIGH DEMAND. Many kids and parents continue to call stores to find out when is the next shipment due to arrive.

Ganz officials said they are working on a quick solution but in the mean time, many consumers have already fled to the Internet searching for Webkinz stores online, pictures and information. In fact, you may be here for that very same reason.


Do you remember the Beanie Babies and Tamagotchi CRAZE? How about the Cabbage Patch Kids while growing up? Well put them all together and you've got Webkinz. However, the Love Puppy including all the other Webkinz and Lil’ Kinz pets bring another dimension. These lovable stuffed animals are virtual toys that become cartoon-like characters so kids can interact and play with them in Webkinz World. It’s pretty cool! Each pet including the Love Puppy has its own personality, features and does many fun things. And surprisingly, many parents have been getting addicted to these pets along with their kids.


When you buy a Love Puppy or any Webkinz pet it comes with a sealed tag that contains an unique secret code. Once the code is accessed, it lets you into Webkinz World. Just go there and click on the “New Member“ button to access the code, and activate your virtual pet. You create an account by entering your user name and password, then identify your pet’s secret code. After that, you answer questions about your pet. You adopt it, select its gender, and give it a name. That's it... you're all done and now its time to play and learn.

To learn more, you can review the “Help” section (Frequently Asked Questions) at Webkinz World


In Webkinz World, you play and take care of your pet daily or as often as possible. Don’t worry... even if you neglect your pet for days, weeks or months, it never dies. However, you will see a Happy, Health and Hunger meter that lets you know when your pet is sick. Not only do kids take care of their pet, they can answer trivia questions, play games online, and even earn KinzCash to buy food, furniture, clothes, toys, etc., for their pet. You can also custom design rooms for your pet, play arcade games and compete against other players in tournaments. Kids can answer quizzes in Quizzy’s Question Corner, as well as enter in contests.

You also get 2000 KinzCash with your first adoption of a Webkins pet. You can see other awards for each additional pet by going to Webkinz World and review the “Help” section. (see “What do I get for each adoption… under “Account and Adoption Issues.”) The goal is to keep your pet healthy and play with it, just like a live pet. You earn KinzCash by playing and learning so you can buy food and other things for your pet at the W shop.

KinzChat is a safe and fun way for kids to interact with other kids. The words and scripts are pre-written and everything is monitored by Webkinz World for additional safety. You can review this feature more by going to the Webkinz World site. Simply click the “Parent’s Area" when you go there.

In addition, there are stories to read and other fun daily activities. What also keeps kids coming back to Webkinz World are the frequent updates. Webkinz World keeps improving by adding more features to the daily activities and weekly contests. Webkinz World continues to grow each and every month with new and exciting things for kids. You can take a video tour of Webkinz World. Just click on the "Take a Tour" button when you get there.


It was said that Ganz retired the Love Puppy during 2007. Meaning, its no longer in production. But there’s nothing to explain whether this means no longer in production because its seasonal, or no longer in production permanently. In any case, the Love Puppy has been classified as RARE. When a product is in high DEMAND and SUPPLY is low, and labeled RARE, the price tends to increase. And it certainly did for the Love Puppy, as well as some of the other retired Webkinz pets.

When the Love Puppy was first introduced in 2007 it sold for under $20.00. After it was declared RETIRED and RARE, the price skyrocketed to well over $100.00. In some online stores, you will see the price as high as $200.00 or more. Not exactly a good feeling for the parent who's child is desperate for a Love Puppy.

When your child tells you the exact number including the type of Webkinz pets friends at school have, more than likely one of them will be a Love Puppy. And suddenly you're thrown into a Webkinz-Crazed society of kids just like the other parents. You simply don't know what you're getting yourself into when it comes down to the pricing of Love Puppies online. Just pray that your child doesn't ask for the retired Cheeky Dog... not the new Black and White Cheeky Dog! If he/she does ask for one, expect the price to be well over a $1,000.00 and as high as $2,000.00. No kidding!

Understand what our history clearly tells us... the buying behavior of consumers is clearly an emotional one indeed. Advertisements have been targeting different classes of adults for a very long time. Now its the kids turn. They are now being targeted as a large niche of little consumers. But here's the twist, most of them don't have any money... parents do!

There are adults (certain niche of people) that can afford having the best of things in life for themselves and their children. And owning a toy that cost $100s, if not $1000s isn't a BIG deal. That said, it doesn't mean it's wrong to buy, but one must ask how much is too much when considering buying an expensive toy for a young child. Older children, more than likely, will take better care of pricey toys and would probably be more appropriate.

If you have concerns about SUPPLY and DEMAND, don't worry. There seems to be plenty of Love Puppy supplies at eBay, the World‘s Greatest Marketplace where BARGAINS are made. You will find 100s of Love Puppies auctioned everyday on eBay USA and Canada. But more importantly, the number one question for many consumers pertaining to the Love Puppy has been... "Can you buy a Love Puppy for under $100.00?" The answer to that question is... it's NOT likely! At least not online you can't.

The best thing to do if you still want this popular but RARE pet is to shop and compare prices online, unless of course you can find one for under $100.00 in a local retail store somewhere--GOOD LUCK!! One thing you shouldn't do is allow yourself to be drawn in to paying such a ridiculous price such as $199.99 or higher for a Love Puppy. On the other hand if you or your child is a serious Webkinz collector, hobbyist, or admirer and money is of no concern [meaning the parent], then indulge. The bottom-line to this whole Webkinz-Craze thing is fulfilling a child's happiness. And it's because of this, that parents make emotional decisions on what to buy their kids.

You can however find Love Puppies selling between $110.00 to $125.00, when putting in the time and effort to search for one. It's doubtful that the price will ever go below $100.00 online. You just have to decide and weigh the importance of making your child happy or not. Either its going to be a Love Puppy in the household or a cheaper Webkinz pet. There are many parents today who've traveled up this road. Some have given in and purchased Love Puppies while others complained and kids were left without.


If you are still serious about buying a Webkinz Love Puppy, we offer you many online stores where you can shop and compare prices. Our site will also bring you updates as we find Webkinz on sale at cheap prices, deals of the day, discounts, etc. You will also have access to all Webkinz and Lil’ Kinz pets on sale including accessories from one location--our site. Anything and everything about Webkinz, you will find there, and we are constantly updating the site. So if you want to begin your search now, simply click here for a Love Puppy Webkinz.


  • More variety of Webkinz, Lil’ Kinz and Accessories
  • Availability or in stock is high
  • 10s of thousands of Webkinz sold online
  • Shop and compare to find low prices
  • Find a wealth of information, news, reviews and Webkinz forums
  • Receive newsletters for tips and Webkinz updates on prices, etc.
  • Shipping within days
  • Quick EaSy ordering and shopping carts
  • Safe and secure processing of personal information, including hack-free
  • Order anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year

  • No pet mess to clean up after
  • Great substitution when live pets are not allowed
  • Less expensive than a live pet
  • Learning community for kids and teaches responsibilities
  • Both parents have fun while interacting with their child and new pet
  • Webkinz World offers array of fun and real life experiences in surreal environment
  • Kids are light years ahead before reaching high school and college

  • Height: 8.5"
  • Special Item: Tender hearts love seat
  • Special food: Sweatheart tarts
  • Month released: February 2007
  • Labeled: 2007 Valentines Love Puppy / Retired-Rare-Seasonal
  • Virtual features interact's w/ Webkinz World
  • Made with fine stuffed cotton fabric and beanies
  • Collector's Item
  • Price: $110.00 - $200+
  • 12-month FREE subscription at Webkinz World
  • FREE 2000 KinzCash w/ first pet activation (other benefits w/ other new pet activations)


Here's what the officials at Ganz had to say… “No, our Webkinz Plush pet should not be washed in a washing machine. If they are looking a little scruffy, and a bit of a wash seems like a good idea, please wipe it with a damp cloth with a little, teensy-tiny bit of baby shampoo. Next, wipe it again with a damp cloth, this time with no soap.”


Webkinz World provides a safe and free-of-any-harm environment where kids can concentrate on just having fun. Parents can feel safe in knowing that no adult, particularly pedophiles, can do any harm. To learn more, go to the Webkinz World website and review "Parent Concerns."


You will get an one year FREE subscription to Webkinz World, once you access and activate your pet’s unique code. For each pet you purchase, your registration period will be reset at 12 months, starting from the date you register a new pet. Also note that when registering two or more pets collectively, doesn’t mean you’ll get more than a 12 month activation period. You only get 12 months.

In other words, you may reactivate your account for another 12 months one of two ways:
  1. By registering a new Webkinz pet
  2. Or, by making a payment of the current renewal fee.

You can learn more by going to Webkinz World site - See "User Agreement." Also, review the “Help” section (When does my account expire?)


Kids learn a great deal with lots of fun at Quizzy’s. The questions are age-appropriate and many are educational-oriented. In addition, there are several arcade games that promote learning such as…
  • Operation Gumball--encourages kids to think logically
  • Quizzy’s Word Challenge--aids in spelling
  • Lunch Letters--helps kids to learn spelling and typing
  • Booger Gets an A--promotes other skills
  • Webkinz News & the W Tales encourages and promotes reading
  • Many contests encourages writing, creativity, and problem-solving
  • Learn about money by earning KinzCash and how to save and spend money
  • And most importantly, teaches kids responsibility, pet care, and getting along with others


According to Wikipedia.com, Webkinz toys have been compared to Beanie Babies, and, while some are retired after a certain amount of time, it encouraged high secondary selling prices. The Webkinz stuffed animal style is often compared to Ty Punkies and other virtual pet worlds such as Shining Stars or Neopets.


Webkinz World has expanded, and have made their toys available in many other Countries. To find a store in your country or area, go to Webkinz World - see “International” on the home page. Or you can quickly find what you want online by clicking, Webkinz Love Puppy for Sale.


Webkinz World officials have stated that their website is designed specifically for kids ages 6-13+. However, there are some games available on the site for younger kids which can be enjoyed with the assistance of an adult. So for ages 4 and 5 a parent can help their child learn Webkinz World.

As for the many different Webkinz stuffed animals, generally you will see slight age recommendations. Children under the age of 3 years old, which seem to be the most consistent age mentioned, are not recommended. However, just playing with a Webkinz pet without Webkinz World seems to be a decision left up to the parent.


Window-based computers
  • Pentium III 800 MHz or higher
  • Windows OS 98/2000/XP
  • RAM 128 MB is recommended
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Netscape 7.2, AOL 9.0, Firefox 1.0, Firefox 1.5
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Monitor resolution 1024 x 768
  • Adobe Flash

  • 800 MHz or higher
  • MAC OS 10.3
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Browsers: Safari 1.2.3 or higher
  • Resolution: 1024 x 768 minimum
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • Adobe Flash

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